Friday, August 26, 2011

Greetings, my Lords and Ladies!

I welcome you to this innovative yet humble abode of the Game of Thrones! 

My name is Renz and I am one of the vicious Wildings who lived beyond The Wall. Since majority of The North is not mapped yet, I have devised a new system that would determine the precise topographical characteristics beyond The Wall. It may sound absurd, my Ladies and Lords, but let me tell you one thing: I may be a Wilding; I may lurk and hunt for dire wolves within the frigid cold The Haunted Forest but I am more creative and more intelligent than you are.

I had the chance to acquire some of the advanced technologies available from another realm that you are not aware of. This is just one of my ways to keep in touch with the other realm; to be aware of our existence. And oh, believe it or not my dear Lords and Ladies, they have actually created a drama based on our realm! The funny thing was, they didn't know that WE actually existed!

I have already sent some of my allies to the south to bring you this kind of innovative technology. In the other realm, they send messages to their friends in just a few clicks. They receive messages in just an instant. I suggest that we adapt this kind of technology in order not to waste precious time of waiting for our messages to come. Take note that in the other realm, crows were never used as a mode of communication.

This thing that they call "blog" will allow us to view the latest happenings in King's Landing, Winterfell and other kingdoms. Moreso, I'd want to show what the other world looked like and some updates about their drama about our realm.

That is it for now, my Lords and Ladies. I do hope that you won't have any second thoughts about my offer.

It's for your own good, my Lords and Ladies.


  1. hehehe adik! upmin diay ka? amat grad ko :) batch mo mikki young? <-- cousin nako :D

  2. Wow! Batch ano ka? Yep, Mikki Young is my batch mate, one of my close friends in UPMin. :D


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